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Exhibitor Information

November 8-10 2019 


Friday 10th November 9:30am – 4:00 pm

Saturday 11th November 9:30am – 4:00pm

Sunday 12th November 9:30am – 4:00pm



Thursday 7th 7am – 7pm

Friday 8th 7am – 8:30am

Saturday 9th 7am – 8:30am

Sunday 10th 7am – 8:30am, 4pm – 7pm

Monday 11th 7am – 7pm

Caravans and campers may be delivered to site between 7am – 7pm on Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th and stored on site in the lower car park area but may not be able to set up on the site allocated.



The Exhibitor Entry gate is on the Illawarra Highway at the eastern end of the showground.

VERY IMPORTANT:- This gate MUST CLOSE AT 8:30am sharp on show days. If you do not have your vehicle in by then you will need to park in the lower general public car park area off Argyle Street / Moss Vale Road or outside the venue. No on-site vehicle movements between 9am and until advised by the site manager after the show closes. The Exhibitor Entry Gate cannot be opened throughout the day. i.e. no further vehicle entry or exit.



On-site exhibitor parking is limited. If you can park your vehicles in the lower car park area please do so. If you park in the Exhibitor Parking areas you vehicle MUST display an Exhibitor Car Pass with the your contact details completed. Strictly no parking outside the designated Exhibitor Parking areas without approval. Exhibitor Car Passes will be available at the Site Office during bump-in.



Collect from the Site Office during bump-in



The Site Office is located 50m inside the Exhibitor Entry. Please check in there prior to bump-in and collect your passes. You will be directed to your site by event staff.



There will be security on site during the show operating hours. There will also be overnight security on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but the organiser takes no responsibility for loss of and/or damage to the exhibitor’s property or that of its servants, staff, agents or contractors. All property, display materials and vehicles under the control and custody of the exhibitor are understood to remain under the control and custody of the exhibitor and therefore the total responsibility of the exhibitor in relation to insurance protection and coverage in transit to, within the confines of the exhibition boundaries and in transit to and from the confines of the exhibition venue and its boundaries and for the total duration of an event from the commencement of the set up through until an event site is vacated.



All exhibitors must have a current public liability insurance policy specifically covering the nature of their display at the event, with cover of at least $20 million (AUD $20,000,000) and are required to provide a current copy of the certificate of currency to the organiser.



The Exhibitor shall not exhibit its products or conduct its business from any site and/or location other than their allocated space. Sound levels caused by Exhibitors use of display equipment such as videos and television shall not be intrusive to other Exhibitors. The organisers reserve the right to terminate the use of such equipment on the basis of unacceptable sound levels. Exhibitors shall not use individual public address systems in the Show site unless written permission has been obtain by the organisers. Exhibits must be of high standard and quality acceptable to the organiser. The organiser may reject or require amendment to any exhibit and take any necessary steps to stop nuisance or disturbance or ensure the safety of exhibitors, visitors and event staff.



The exhibitor shall ensure that their stand is open to view and staffed by competent representatives during the official opening hours of the Show.



There will be an Exhibitor Drinks session between 5:30pm & 6:30pm on Saturday November 11th in the under-cover food area.



The Exhibitor shall ensure that the aisles, passageways and walkways on or adjacent to their space are kept completely free from obstructions during the Show to allow safe pedestrian movements in both directions, prevent congestion and crowding and to ensure that other exhibitors displays are obscured from view or otherwise compromised or disadvantaged. No part of the stand may protrude or extend beyond the stand limits as directed by the organiser. Please ensure bow-flags do not lean into / obstruct walkways or neighboring sites.



As per the terms outlined in the Exhibitor Application form exhibitors are required to supply their own extension leads. All electrical items including extension leads and power boards brought to the event must have valid electrical certification tags on them. Power boards used by exhibitors must have individual on/off switch for each outlet. Low voltage lighting only. No air conditioners. No individual generators to be used to power an Exhibitor’s site without permission of the organiser.



All marquees and temporary structures must be appropriately secured and weighted down. The local marquee and facilities hire company is Your Event Solutions. Contact is Craig Lapinskie. Phone 02 4889 6900, Mobile 0416 261 159, Email craig@yesbowral.com.au




All exhibitors and contractors are responsible for ensuring the area under their control does not present a risk to themselves or others. Part of this requirement includes ensuring that the risk of slip, trip or fall is eliminated or reduced to the lowest possible level. As a minimum requirement:

-electrical cords should be kept clear of walkways and paths;

-ropes and tent pegs should be kept clear of walkways and paths;

-all changes in flooring heights shall be highlighted;

-emergency exits and paths will be kept clear at all times;

-temporary flooring surfaces should be level and slip resistant;

-rubbish and waste is removed from the site or stored adequately.




All overhead and suspended equipment must be installed to prevent the following risks:

-fall from heights on to a member of the public; or

-head strike hazard.

As a minimum, exhibitors and contractors must ensure that any suspended material is a minimum of 2.5 metres above the floor surface below. For any item that is suspended over a designated pedestrian walkway the following minimum requirements must be met:

-a risk assessment has been completed;

-contingency is in place for removal in strong winds;

-there is evidence that the object is secured to rated attachment points;

-for items that have the potential to result in serious injury a secondary restraint is in place;

-and daily inspections of attachments.




BYO alcohol is not permitted within the show. Anyone behaving in a drunk or disorderly manner will be removed from the show.



Highlands first aid will be located on site during the hours to which the show is open to the public.




The Rural Fire Service will be located on site during the hours to which the show is open to the public. In the event of a fire call 000 immediately and then report the fire to the Site Office.



Hazard identification is the responsibility of all staff, volunteers and exhibitors. Please report any hazards to the Site Office.



All exhibitors are required to complete their own event risk assessment prior to show opening and present it to the show organiser or safety inspectors if requested. A copy of the event’s Site Safety Management Plan may be inspected at the Site Office.



Except by prior arrangement, there is no on-site accommodation for exhibitors at the showground and it is an extremely busy week in the Southern Highlands so we strongly recommend that you source accommodation as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. Destination Southern Highlands may be able to assist - 1300 657 559 - https://www.southern-highlands.com.au. Another option worth exploring is Highlands Holiday Rentals 02 4862 5200 - http://www.highlandsholidays.com.au . We also understand that camping may be available at Bong Bong Picnic Raceway by prior arrangement. Contact Peter Hales on 0410 652170.




No dogs are allowed at the show with the exception of assistance dogs.